The RMP Motion Controller API
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NRapidCodeThe RSI::RapidCode namespace
 CAxis The Axis object manages a single physical axis on a motion controller.
 CIOThe IO object provides an interface to the inputs and outputs of a network node
 CIOPointThe IOPoint object represents one specific point class such as: Digital Output, Digital Input, Analog Output, or Analog Input.
 CMotionControllerThe MotionController object represents the RMP INtime soft motion controller
 CMultiAxis The MultiAxis object allows you to map two or more axes together and command synchronized motion.
 CRapidCodeInterruptInterface for objects which can use interrupts
 CRapidCodeMotionThe RapidCodeMotion interface is implemented by Axis and MultiAxis
 CRapidCodeNetworkNodeThe NetworkNode object represents an EtherCAT Node (Drive, IO Block, etc) on the network. Accessible via Axis and IO objects
 CRapidCodeObjectThe RapidCode base class. All non-error objects are derived from this class
 CRapidCodeOSThe RapidCodeOS object provides access to operating system (Windows) features. Accessible via MotionController
 CRsiErrorThe RsiError object contains information about any RapidCode API object's error/exception
 CRTOSThe RTOS object represents the real-time operating system (INtime)
 CRapidSequencerClass to communicate with a RapidSequencer process
 CHelperFunctionsHelper Functions for checking logged creation errors, starting the network, etc