The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ StartTheNetwork()

public static void StartTheNetwork ( MotionController  controller)
public static void StartTheNetwork(MotionController controller)
// Initialize the Network
if (controller.NetworkStateGet() != RSINetworkState.RSINetworkStateOPERATIONAL) // Check if network is started already.
Console.WriteLine("Starting Network..");
controller.NetworkStart(); // If not. Initialize The Network. (This can also be done from RapidSetup Tool)
if (controller.NetworkStateGet() != RSINetworkState.RSINetworkStateOPERATIONAL) // Check if network is started again.
int messagesToRead = controller.NetworkLogMessageCountGet(); // Some kind of error starting the network, read the network log messages
for (int i = 0; i < messagesToRead; i++)
Console.WriteLine(controller.NetworkLogMessageGet(i)); // Print all the messages to help figure out the problem
Console.WriteLine("Expected OPERATIONAL state but the network did not get there.");
//throw new RsiError(); // Uncomment if you want your application to exit when the network isn't operational. (Comment when using phantom axis)
else // Else, of network is operational.
Console.WriteLine("Network Started");
See also
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Definition at line 109 of file HelperFunctions.cs.

State of network.
Definition: rsienums.h:550
static void StartTheNetwork(MotionController controller)
Start the controller communication/network.
Definition: HelperFunctions.cs:109