The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ PositionToleranceFineGet()

double PositionToleranceFineGet ( )
PositionToleranceFineGet returns the Fine Position Tolerance for axis settling.
(double) Tolerance in User Units.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.
Sample Code:
const double POSITION_TOLERANCE_FINE = 200; // Specify the fine position tolerance.
const double POSITION_TOLERANCE_COARSE = 300; // Specify the coarse position tolerance.
const double VELOCITY_TOLERANCE = 12000; // Specify the velocity tolerance.
const double SETTLING_TIME = 5; // Specify the settling time.
// SET
axis.PositionToleranceFineSet(POSITION_TOLERANCE_FINE); // Set fine position tolerance.
axis.PositionToleranceCoarseSet(POSITION_TOLERANCE_COARSE); // Set coarse position tolerance.
axis.VelocityToleranceSet(VELOCITY_TOLERANCE); // Set velocity tolerance.
axis.SettlingTimeSet(SETTLING_TIME); // Set settling time.
// GET
var posTolFine = axis.PositionToleranceFineGet();
var posTolCoarse = axis.PositionToleranceCoarseGet();
var velTol = axis.VelocityToleranceGet();
var setTime = axis.SettlingTimeGet();
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