The RMP Motion Controller API

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virtual void HomeDecelerationSet ( double  decel)
pure virtual

Set the decleration to be used for homing when using the switch is not detected before the HomeTravelDistanceSet() has been reached.

The only situation HomeDeceleration is used is if the maximum homing travel is exceeded and a switch is never hit. StopTimeSet() is used for the pos/neg limit switch.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode and RapidSequencer

Part of the Homing method group.

Sample Code:
axis.HardwareNegLimitActionSet(RSIAction.RSIActionSTOP); // Neg Limit action set to STOP.
axis.HomeMethodSet(RSIHomeMethod.RSIHomeMethodImprovedFALLING_HOME_NEGATIVE_START_POSITIVE_MOMENTUM); // Set the method to be used for homing.
axis.HomeVelocitySet(Constants.VELOCITY); // Set the home velocity.
axis.HomeSlowVelocitySet(Constants.VELOCITY / 10); // Set the slow home velocity. (used for final move, if necessary)
axis.HomeAccelerationSet(Constants.ACCELERATION); // Set the acceleration used for homing.
axis.HomeDecelerationSet(Constants.DECELERATION); // Set the deceleration used for homing.
axis.HomeOffsetSet(0.5); // HomeOffsetSet sets the position offset from the home (zero) position.
axis.Home(); // Execute the homing routine.
if (axis.HomeStateGet() == true) // HomeStateGet returns true if the Axis is homed.
Console.WriteLine("Homing successful\n");
axis.ClearFaults(); // Clear faults created by homing.
axis.AmpEnableSet(false); // Disable the motor.
HomeDecelerationSet(double) will set Deceleration used for all Stages to support legacy customers.
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