◆ ClosedLoopStepperVersionGet()

virtual int32_t ClosedLoopStepperVersionGet ( )
pure virtual

Get the Closed-Loop Stepper feature version.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode and RapidSequencer

ClosedLoopStepperVersionGet will return the version number for the closed-loop stepper feature.
(int32_t) The closed-loop stepper feature version number.
Sample Code:
printf("Closed-Loop stepper feature version number is %ld\n", axis->ClosedLoopStepperVersionGet();
  • This method requires custom firmware (option 98) to be loaded on the controller.
  • The feature number is defined in the closed-loop stepper custom firmware source module. This could be useful if multiple versions of the closed-loop stepper firmware are release for the same root firmware version. In most cases it won't be needed or used.
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