◆ MoveCamCubic()

virtual void MoveCamCubic ( int32_t  masterAxisNumber,
RSIAxisMasterType  masterFeedbackSource,
double *  masterDistances,
double *  slavePositions,
double *  gearRatios,
int32_t  pointCount 
pure virtual

Enable this Axis to be cubic follower (slave) using an electronic cam.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode

Part of the Camming method group.

MoveCamCubic enables this Axis to be cubic follower (slave) using an electronic cam.
masterAxisNumberWhich Axis is the master? (0 to 31).
masterFeedbackSourceA RSIAxisMasterType value.
*masterDistancesRelative distance btween points on the master.
*slavePositionsPosition of the slave at given master distances.
*gearRatiosThe derivative of the slave with respect to the master.
pointCountNumber of points in the cam table.
Sample Code:
double masterDistances[] = { 10, 20, 10 };
double slavePositions1[] = { 5, 35, 10 };
double gearRatios[] = { 0, 0, 0 };
// configure this Axis to follow Axis 0's Actual Position through a cubic cam
axis->MoveCamCubic(0, RSIAxisMasterTypeAXIS_ACTUAL_POSITION, masterDistances, slavePositions1, gearRatios, 3);
MoveCamCubic is only functional in RapidCode 03.03.XX releases.
See also
MoveCamLinear, FrameBufferSizeGet and FrameBufferSizeSet