◆ DigitalIoValidTypesMaskGet()

virtual RSIMotorIoTypeMask DigitalIoValidTypesMaskGet ( RSIMotorGeneralIo  motorGeneralIoNumber)
pure virtual

Get the type mask for a Motor I/O bit.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode and RapidSequencer

Part of the User IO method group.

DigitalIoValidTypesMaskGet returns the type mask for a Motor I/O bit. The mask contains a bit turned on for each of the selectable types available for this Motor I/O bit.
motorGeneralIoNumberA RSIMotorGeneralIo value.
(RSIMotorIoTypeMask value) Motor I/O type Mask
Sample Code:
char* name = axis->DigitalIoNameGet(RSIMotorGeneralIo);
printf("The real name for this bit is: %s\n", name);
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