The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ HardwarePosLimitDurationGet()

double HardwarePosLimitDurationGet ( )
HardwarePosLimitDurationGet returns the duration required before the Hardware Positive Limit event triggers.
(double) In seconds.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.

Part of the Limits and Action Configuration method group.

Sample Code:
Axis: Configuration
const bool ACTIVE_HIGH = true; // Constant for active high.
const bool ACTIVE_LOW = false; // Constant for active low.
const double HW_POS_DURATION_TIME = 0.01; // Positive limit duration. (in seconds)
const double HW_NEG_DURATION_TIME = 0.01; // Negative limit duration. (in seconds)
// SET (Hardware POSITIVE (+) Limit characteristics)
axis.HardwarePosLimitActionSet(RSIAction.RSIActionE_STOP); // Set the positive limit action to E_STOP.
axis.HardwarePosLimitTriggerStateSet(ACTIVE_HIGH); // Set the positive limit trigger state to ACTIVE_HIGH.
axis.HardwarePosLimitDurationSet(HW_POS_DURATION_TIME); // Set the positive limit duration to 0.01 seconds.
// GET
var hPosLimAct = axis.HardwarePosLimitActionGet();
var hPosLimTrigState = axis.HardwarePosLimitTriggerStateGet();
var hPosLimDur = axis.HardwarePosLimitDurationGet();
// SET (Hardware NEGATIVE (-) Limit charateristics)
axis.HardwareNegLimitActionSet(RSIAction.RSIActionE_STOP); // Set the negative limit action to E_STOP.
axis.HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateSet(ACTIVE_LOW); // Set the negative limit trigger state to ACTIVE_LOW.
axis.HardwareNegLimitDurationSet(HW_NEG_DURATION_TIME); // Set the negative limit duration to 0.01 seconds.
// GET
var hNegLimAct = axis.HardwareNegLimitActionGet();
var hNegLimTrigState = axis.HardwareNegLimitTriggerStateGet();
var hNegLimDur = axis.HardwareNegLimitDurationGet();
Go to axis screen->Limits & Actions. In the image below, HardwarePosLimitDurationGet returns the value in the "Duration" box in the Positive (+) Hardware box. It is currently 0.
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