The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ AmpFaultDurationSet()

void AmpFaultDurationSet ( double seconds)
AmpFaultDurationSet sets the duration required before the Amp Fault event triggers.
secondsDuration in seconds.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.

Part of the Limits and Action Configuration method group.

Sample Code:
Axis: Configuration
const double AMP_FAULT_DURATION_TIME = 1; //value in seconds
// SET
axis.AmpEnableSet(false); // Disable the amp
axis.AmpFaultActionSet(RSIAction.RSIActionABORT); // Set the action that will occur when there is an amp fault.
axis.AmpFaultTriggerStateSet(false); //Set the state of the amp fault.
axis.AmpFaultDurationSet(AMP_FAULT_DURATION_TIME); //Set the duration required before the Amp Fault event triggers.
// GET
var isEnabled = axis.AmpEnableGet();
var faultAction = axis.AmpFaultActionGet();
var faultTriggerState = axis.AmpFaultTriggerStateGet();
var faultDuration = axis.AmpFaultDurationGet();
Go to axis screen->Limits & Actions. In the image below, AmpFaultDurationSet sets the value in the "Duration" box in the Amp Fault box. It is currently 0.
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