The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ SettlingTimeSet()

void SettlingTimeSet ( double time)
SettlingTimeSet sets the value which specifies the amount of time (seconds) that an Axis must be within the Fine Position Tolerance band before the motion is done.
timeIn seconds.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.
Sample Code:
const double POSITION_TOLERANCE_FINE = 200; // Specify the fine position tolerance.
const double POSITION_TOLERANCE_COARSE = 300; // Specify the coarse position tolerance.
const double VELOCITY_TOLERANCE = 12000; // Specify the velocity tolerance.
const double SETTLING_TIME = 5; // Specify the settling time.
// SET
axis.PositionToleranceFineSet(POSITION_TOLERANCE_FINE); // Set fine position tolerance.
axis.PositionToleranceCoarseSet(POSITION_TOLERANCE_COARSE); // Set coarse position tolerance.
axis.VelocityToleranceSet(VELOCITY_TOLERANCE); // Set velocity tolerance.
axis.SettlingTimeSet(SETTLING_TIME); // Set settling time.
// GET
var posTolFine = axis.PositionToleranceFineGet();
var posTolCoarse = axis.PositionToleranceCoarseGet();
var velTol = axis.VelocityToleranceGet();
var setTime = axis.SettlingTimeGet();
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