The RMP Motion Controller API

◆ AnalogOutSet()

virtual void AnalogOutSet ( int32_t  analogChannel,
int32_t  analogValue 
pure virtual

Set the value of an analog output.

AnalogOutSet sets the value of an analog output. It is passed a starting channel ID relative to the Node (not Segment).
analogChannelThe analog output number on the node, starts from 0.
valueValue of the output.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode and RapidSequencer

Part of the IO Members method group.

Sample Code:
Set the Analog Output value on [channel] to [value]. Example: Assuming range is +/- 10V and resolution is 16-bit, 0x7FFF would represent 10V.
// -- C++ -- //
io->AnalogOutSet(channel, value);
// -- C# -- //
io.AnalogOutSet(channel, value);
Slice I/O has multiple segments of same type (Digital/Analog In/Out) which are grouped together. The reference number for any channel of a given type can be defined as when it is encounted relative to the Slice I/O Node or an individual Slice.
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