The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ AnalogOutSet()

void AnalogOutSet ( int32_t  analogChannel,
int32_t  analogValue 
AnalogOutSet sets the value of an analog output. It is passed a starting channel ID relative to the Node (not Segment).
analogChannelThe analog output number on the node, starts from 0.
valueValue of the output.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.

Part of the IO Members method group.

Sample Code:
Set the Analog Output value on [channel] to [value]. Example: Assuming range is +/- 10V and resolution is 16-bit, 0x7FFF would represent 10V.
// -- C++ -- //
io->AnalogOutSet(channel, value);
// -- C# -- //
io.AnalogOutSet(channel, value);
Slice I/O has multiple segments of same type (Digital/Analog In/Out) which are grouped together. The reference number for any channel of a given type can be defined as when it is encounted relative to the Slice I/O Node or an individual Slice.
See also
void AnalogOutSet(int32_t analogChannel, int32_t analogValue)
Set the value of an analog output.