The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ LoadExistingMultiAxis()

MultiAxis* LoadExistingMultiAxis ( int32_t  motionSupervisorNumber)
Get/Create a MultiAxis object from one that already exists (previously setup) on the RMP motion controller firmware. This is the call that RapidSetup uses to show previously created MultiAxis objects.
motionSupervisorNumberA motion supervisor index, should be >= AxisCount.
(MultiAxis*) A pointer to the MultiAxis specified.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer. Part of the Create and Initialize RapidCode Objects method group.
You'll need to set the number of MotionSupervisors to a number greater than the Axis count. This should be done before any calls to AxisGet or MultiAxisGet.
See also
MultiAxis::AxisAdd , MotionCountGet , MotionCountSet