◆ MemoryBlockGet()

virtual void MemoryBlockGet ( uint64_t  address,
void *  dataStart,
int32_t  size 
pure virtual

Read controller memory.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode

MemoryBlockGet accesses data in the controller's memory by reference.
addressAn address (host) in the controller's memory.
dataStartLocation to store address memory.
sizeSize of data in bytes
Sample Code:
// -- C++ -- //
int32_t anAddress = axis->AddressGet(RSIAxisAddressTypeACTUAL_POSITION);
controller->MemoryBlockGet(anAddress, (void*) addressValue, sizeof(addressValue));
printf("Value is %ld\n", addressValue);
// -- C# -- //
int anAddress = axis.AddressGet(RSIAxisAddressTypeACTUAL_POSITION);
controller.MemoryBlockGet(anAddress, (void*) addressValue, sizeof(addressValue));
Console.WriteLine("Value is {0}.", addressValue);
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