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virtual uint64_t NetworkOutputAddressGet ( int32_t  index)
pure virtual

Returns an Address of a Network Output.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode and RapidSequencer

indexThe index of the Network Output value you are interested in. (See Network Data in RapidSetup.)
type(Optional) The type of address you want to get. See Description.
(uint64_t) The address of the Network Output Override Value unless an option is used.
NetworkOutputAddressGet will get an Address of a Network Output. This allows you to keep track of what might be sent out over the network. The value at the address will only be the value actually sent (RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeSENT_VALUE), the value that the firmware intends to send if you don't override (RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeINTENDED_VALUE), or the value that you intend to send if you have set and enabled overrides (Default: RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeOVERRIDE_VALUE).
The RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeSENT_VALUE address is effectively read only as we will use either the INTENDED or OVERRIDE value then write that value to the Sent location. Similarly, writing to RSINetworkOutputAddressTypeINTENDED_VALUE will be overwritten by the firmware each cycle.
See also
NetworkOutputOverrideValueGet, NetworkOutputOverrideSet