The RMP Motion Controller API

◆ ProcessorTypeGet()

virtual RSIProcessorType ProcessorTypeGet ( )
pure virtual

Get the processor type.

This returns the type of the controller's processor, XMP or ZMP.
(RSIProcessorType) A value to represent a XMP or ZMP controller type.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode and RapidSequencer

Sample Code:
Get the processor type and report its Type.
// -- C++ -- //
RSIProcessorType processorType = controller->ProcessorTypeGet();
printf("ProcessorTypeGet identifies the controller as a %s.\n", processorType == RSIProcessorType::RSIProcessorTypeXMP ? "RSIProcessorType::RSIProcessorTypeXMP" : "RSIProcessorType::RSIProcessorTypeZMP");
// -- C# -- //
Console.Writeline("ProcessorTypeGet identifies the controller as a {0}", ((RSIProcessorType)controller.ProcessorTypeGet()).ToString());
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