◆ CreateFromServer()

static MotionController* CreateFromServer ( char *  server,
int32_t  serverPort 

Initialize a SynqNet controller in another computer on a TCP/IP network.

Part of the Create and Initialize RapidCode Objects method group.

This creates and initializes a SyqnNet controller which resides in a TCP/IP networked computer. The networked computer must be running the SERVER.EXE utility.
serverThis is the remote computer's name or IP address. (Expressed as a char*)
serverPortThis is the TCP port used to connect to the remote computer. Default is 3300. (Expressed as a int32_t)
Sample Code:
Initialize a SynqNet controller in a networked computer running SERVER.EXE
// -- C++ -- //
MotionController *controller = MotionController::CreateFromServer("", 3300);
// -- C# -- //
MotionController myController = MotionController.CreateFromBoard("", 3300);
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