The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ AxisGet()

Axis* AxisGet ( int32_t  axisNumber)
AxisGet takes an axis reference number and returns a pointer to the Axis object it represents.
axisNumberThe reference number for the axis.
(Axis*) A pointer to the Axis specified.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer. Part of the Create and Initialize RapidCode Objects method group.
Sample Code:
Axis axis = controller.AxisGet(i);
The RMP assigns a logical number to each axis as it encounters them during network initialization. The first axis is 0, the second 1, and so on. This logical sequential number is the axisNumber passed to AxisGet.

Getting the Axis will cause all of its internal default values and low-level objects to be recreated.

Gantry.cpp, HardwareLimits.cpp, Memory.cpp, MotionHoldReleasedBySoftwareAddress.cpp, MultiaxisMotion.cpp, PathMotion.cpp, PVTmotionMultiAxis.cpp, SingleAxisSyncOutputs.cpp, SyncInterrupt.cpp, SyncOutputWithMotion.cpp, Template.cpp, and UpdateBufferPoints.cpp.
static void CheckErrors(RapidCodeObject rsiObject)
Check if the RapidCode Object has any errors.
Definition: HelperFunctions.cs:64
Helper Functions for checking logged creation errors, starting the network, etc.
Definition: HelperFunctions.cs:50