The RMP Motion Controller API

◆ MotionIdExecutingGet()

virtual uint16_t MotionIdExecutingGet ( )
pure virtual
MultiAxis::MotionIdExecutingGet retrieves the Motion ID of the currently executing motion.
Each call to a move function (MovePT, MovePVT, etc.) transfers a block of motion slices to the RMP. Each of these are identified by their own Motion ID. The value returned reflects the currently executing motion block, and will be incremented as motion continues through the queued IDs if continuing motion. If using this for managing the point buffer for streaming motion, the points that are sent in each move command must be managed in conjunction with this. See updateBufferPoints.cpp for sample usage.

ℹ This function is avaliable in RapidCode and RapidSequencer

Example Code:
int curMotionID = multiAxis->MotionIdExecutingGet();
See also
MultiAxis::MotionElementIdExecutingGet, MovePT, MovePVT

Implements RapidCodeMotion.