The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ PathTimeSliceGet()

double PathTimeSliceGet ( )
PathTimeSliceGet gets the time slice for the interpolated motion paramaters which are calculated after the call to PathListEnd(). At this time, the Path Lines and Arcs are converted into small motion segments which are spaced in time according to the time slice.
Default is 10 milliseconds, good for most applications. Recommended values are 5 to 100 milliseconds. Values outside this range could produce undesired path motions.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.
Sample Code:
printf(" Value of the Path Time Slice is %lf\n", multiAxis->PathTimeSliceGet());
It is not required to set this value, the default (and recommended value) is 10 milliseconds.
See also
PathListEnd PathTimeSliceSet
double PathTimeSliceGet()
Set the time slice for the Path.