The RMP Motion Controller APIs

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void AmpEnableSet ( bool  enable)
AmpEnableSet enables (or disables) all amplfiers.
enabletrue = enable all, false = disable all.
AmpEnableSet(true) does not wait for the amp to become fully enabled. Use the AmpEnableSet(bool, int32_t) overload to wait for the amp to become fully enabled.
For DS402 axes, the RMP firmware will automatically generate an Amp Fault action (default is to Abort) if the AMP_ACTIVE signal does not got high within one second of AmpEnableSet(true). If it fails to enable, the Axis will end in an ERROR state. This value is configurable using RSIAxisAddressType::RSIAxisAddressTypeAMP_ENABLE_AMP_FAULT_TIMEOUT with MotionController::MemoryDoubleGet() and MotionController::MemoryDoubleSet(). The default value is Axis::AmpEnableAmpFaultTimeoutSecondsDefault.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.

Part of the Action method group.

Sample Code:
public void EnableAmp(Axis myAxis)
myAxis.ClearFaults(); // To enable after an abort faults must be cleared.
myAxis.AmpEnableSet(true); // Enable the motor.
Go to axis screen->Axis Status.
Left: Amp Enabled, Right: Amp Disabled
See also
ClearFaults, RSIAxisAddressType::RSIAxisAddressTypeAMP_ENABLE_AMP_FAULT_TIMEOUT
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