The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ MotionHoldUserPatternSet()

void MotionHoldUserPatternSet ( int32_t pattern)
MotionHoldUserPatternSet sets the pattern bitmask which will be compared for equality after the Mask has been evaluated.
patternThe bitmask
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.

Part of the Motion Configuration method group.

Sample Code:
Motion: Hold
// Constants
const int DIGITAL_INPUTS_PDO_INDEX = 3; // Specify the pdo inputs index that represent digital inputs.
ulong inputAddress = controller.NetworkInputAddressGet(DIGITAL_INPUTS_PDO_INDEX); // Get host address using the PDO Input Index of Digital Inputs.
axis.MotionHoldTypeSet(RSIMotionHoldType.RSIMotionHoldTypeCUSTOM); // Use TypeCUSTOM to hold execution based on a particular bit turning ON or OFF.
axis.MotionHoldUserAddressSet(inputAddress); // Specify the digital inputs host address. This address' value will be used to evaluate the motion hold condition.
axis.MotionHoldUserMaskSet(0x20000); // Specify the bit you want to mask/watch from the MotionHoldUserAddressSet' address value (this evaluates using a logic AND)
axis.MotionHoldUserPatternSet(0x20000); // Specify the bit value that will release the motion hold. (When this value is met, motion hold will be released)
axis.MotionAttributeMaskOnSet(RSIMotionAttrMask.RSIMotionAttrMaskHOLD); // Set the HOLD motion attribute mask ON. (This initializes the HOLD on a particular motion)
axis.MoveRelative(10); // Command simple relative motion. (This motion will be HOLD by the condition above)
axis.MotionDoneWait(); // Wait for Motion to be completed.
axis.MoveRelative(10); // If motion attribute mask off has not been set, this motion will have same HOLD condition as previous move.
axis.MotionDoneWait(); // Wait for Motion to be completed.
axis.MotionAttributeMaskOffSet(RSIMotionAttrMask.RSIMotionAttrMaskHOLD);// Set the HOLD motion attribute mask OFF. (This will clear any motion HOLDS that were set on this Axis)
axis.MoveRelative(10); // This motion will have no HOLD since the previous line has set the motion attribute mask OFF.
axis.MotionDoneWait(); // Wait for Motion to be completed.
// Abort and Clear Faults
See also
MotionHoldUserAddressSet(), MotionHoldTypeSet()
MotionHold.cs, and MotionHoldReleasedBySoftwareAddress.cpp.