The RMP Motion Controller APIs



 Axis: Configuration
 Learn how to configure different characteristics for an axis.
 Axis: Homing
 Examples of various ways to home a drive.
 Axis: Status
 Learn how to read axis status.
 Axis: Touch Probe
 Example of Touch Probe for Panasonic Drives.
 This sample application demonstrates how to use the compensator.
 Error Logging
 Read RSIError objects from the error log. it is recommended to do this during the creation of RapidCode object and if ThrowExceptions(false) is set.
 Helper Functions
 This class includes the source code of all our SampleAppsCS helper functions.
 IO: Input & Output
 Learn how to use IO.
 Motion: Camming & Gearing
 Sample apps showing how the position of an axis can be driven by that of another axis.
 Motion: Hold
 Motion Hold Move Released By Digital Input sample application.
 Motion: Modify
 Learn how to use Feed Rate.
 Motion: Multi-Axis
 Multi-Axis motion sample applications.
 Motion: Point-to-Point
 Learn how to use our different point-to-point motion commands.
 Motion: Streaming
 Learn hot to use streaming motion.
 Learn how to use Recorders.
 Basic template you can use to get up and running quick.
 User Limits
 UserLimit directly sets a command position sample application.
 Velocity Set by Analog Input
 Learn how to set the velocity based on an analog input value.