The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ DiscoverBroadcast()

ServerInfoCollection RSI::RapidSequencer::API::DiscoverBroadcast ( DiscoveryType  discovery_type,
uint16_t  expected_servers = 0,
const char *const  node_name = "NodeB",
const uint64_t  timeout_ms = 2500,
const int32_t  broadcast_port = 60061 
discovery_typeThe hosts and platforms to find RapidServer processes on.
expected_serversAn optional parameter specifying the number of servers expected to be discovered. If the number of expected servers is found, DiscoverBroadcast will immediately return instead of waiting the full timeout. If expected_servers = 0, DiscoverBroadcast will wait the entire timeout duration.
node_nameThe INtime node to discover on (for discovering INtime servers).
timeout_msThe timeout in milliseconds. After the timeout duration has elapsed, the function will return a collection of servers that were discovered.
broadcast_portThe port number to broadcast discovery packets on. RapidServers listening on the same port will respond to the discovery broadcast.