The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ Start()

ServerInfo RSI::RapidSequencer::API::Start ( Platform  _platform,
const char *const  _nodeName,
const char *const  rmp_node,
const char *const  executable_path,
const int32_t  grpc_port = 50051,
const char *const  friendly_name = "RapidServer",
const uint64_t  timeout_ms = 1000,
const int32_t  broadcast_port = 60061 
_platformThe platform on which to start the RapidServer process
_nodeNameThe name of the INtime node to run a real-time RapidServer instance on. This parameter is not used in windows servers.
rmpNodeThe name of the INtime node the RMP is running on.
executable_pathThe path to the RapidServer executable.
grpc_portThe port the RapidServer instance should listen for RPC requests on.
friendly_nameThe human-readable name of the server.
timeout_msThe timeout for discovering the started RapidServer process after staring the executable. On INtime, this timeout is also used in a discovery call before starting the RapidServer process in order to check if a server with the same IP address and port already exists.
broadcast_portThe port number to broadcast discovery packets on. RapidServers listening on the same port will respond to the discovery broadcast.