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RapidCode API

#include "rsi.h" // Import our RapidCode Library.
#include "HelperFunctions.h" // Import our SampleApp helper functions.
using namespace RSI::RapidCode;
void memoryMain()
Axis *axis ;
uint64 addr;
// Initialize MotionController class. (PCI board)
// initialize Axis (0)
axis = controller->AxisGet(0);
// get a controller host address for axis memory
printf("Axis Host address is 0x%x Firmware Address is 0x%x\n", addr, controller->FirmwareAddressGet(addr));
printf("Value is %lf\n", controller->MemoryDoubleGet(addr)); // ACTUAL_POSITION is a 64-bit double
catch (RsiError const& err)
printf("\n%s\n", err.text);
controller->Delete(); // Delete the controller as the program exits to ensure memory is deallocated in the correct order.
system("pause"); // Allow time to read Console.