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RapidCode API

using RSI.RapidCode.dotNET; // Import our RapidCode Library.
using RSI.RapidCode.dotNET.Enums;
using System;
namespace SampleAppsCS
class UserLimitPositionOneCondition
static void Main(string[] args)
// Constants
const int AXIS_NUMBER = 0; // Specify which axis/motor to control.
const int POSITION = 5; // Specify the position to travel to.
const int USER_UNITS = 1048576; // Specify your counts per unit / user units. (the motor used in this sample app has 1048576 encoder pulses per revolution)
const int VELOCITY = 1; // Specify your velocity. - units: Units/Sec (it will do 1048576 counts/1 revolution every 1 second.)
const int ACCELERATION = 10; // Specify your acceleration. - units: Units/Sec^2
const int DECELERATION = 10; // Specify your deceleration. - units: Units/Sec^2const int POSITION_INDEX = 0; // This is the index of the input you will use to trigger the user limit.
const int POSITION_INDEX = 0; // This is the index of the axis actual position that will go active when the user limit triggers.
const int OUTPUT_INDEX = 0; // This is the index of the digital output that will go active when the user limit triggers.
const int NODE_INDEX = 0; // The EtherCAT Node we will be communicating with
// Initialize RapidCode Objects
MotionController controller = MotionController.CreateFromSoftware(/*@"C:\RSI\X.X.X\"*/); // Insert the path location of the RMP.rta (usually the RapidSetup folder)
SampleAppsCS.HelperFunctions.CheckErrors(controller); // [Helper Function] Check that the controller has been initialize correctly.
SampleAppsCS.HelperFunctions.StartTheNetwork(controller); // [Helper Function] Initialize the network.
Axis axis = controller.AxisGet(AXIS_NUMBER); // Initialize Axis Class. (Use RapidSetup Tool to see what is your axis number)
SampleAppsCS.HelperFunctions.CheckErrors(axis); // [Helper Function] Check that the axis has been initialize correctly.
IOPoint output0 = IOPoint.CreateDigitalOutput(controller.IOGet(NODE_INDEX), OUTPUT_INDEX); // Create IOPoint object. Can be used to automatically get the address of a specified node and input index
controller.UserLimitCountSet(2); // Set the amount of UserLimits that you want to use. (every connected axis will automatically get 1 user limit)
controller.InterruptEnableSet(true); // Enable User Limit Interrupts. (When a user limit input comparison is met, and interrupt is triggered)
//-------- PARAMETERS FOR UserLimitConditionSet --------
int userLimit = 1; // Specify which user limit to use.
int condition = 0; // Specify which condition to use (0 or 1) ("0" to compare 1 input || "1" to compare 2 inputs)
ulong inputAddress = controller.NetworkInputAddressGet(POSITION_INDEX); // 0 was the index of tha axis' Position Actual Value. (To check your IO indexes go to RapidSetup -.
double limitValue = 10 * USER_UNITS; // The limit value will be in counts so we multiply our desired position by USER_UNITS
controller.UserLimitConditionSet(userLimit, // (User Limit Index) - Specify which user limit to use
condition, // (Condition Number) - Specify how many inputs you want to compare.
RSIUserLimitLogic.RSIUserLimitLogicGT, // (Comparison Logic) - Specify the how the input value(s) will be compared
axis.AddressGet(RSIAxisAddressType.RSIAxisAddressTypeACTUAL_POSITION), // (Input Address) - Specify the address of the input that will be compared.
limitValue); // (Limit Value) - Specify the value to be compared with.
//-------- PARAMETERS FOR UserLimitConfigSet --------
RSIUserLimitTriggerType triggerType = RSIUserLimitTriggerType.RSIUserLimitTriggerTypeSINGLE_CONDITION;
RSIAction action = RSIAction.RSIActionABORT; // Abort move when user limit triggers.
int duration = 0;
// [2] Configure and Enable the user limit.
controller.UserLimitConfigSet(userLimit, // (User Limit Index) - Specify which user limit to use.
triggerType, // (Trigger Type) - Specify how your condition should be evalutated.
action, // (User Limit Action) - Specify the action you want to cause on the axis when the user limit triggers.
AXIS_NUMBER, // (Current Axis) - Specify the axis that the action (defined above) will occur on.
duration); // (Output Timer) - Specify the time delay before the action is executed after the User Limit has triggered.
//-------- PARAMETERS FOR UserLimitOutputSet --------
uint andMask = (uint)output0.MaskGet(); // Get the appropriate mask from your IOpoint. OR use 0x00010000 for AKD General IO, 1 for Beckhoff IO Terminals
uint orMask = (uint)output0.MaskGet(); ; // Get the appropriate mask from your IOpoint. OR use 0x00010000 for AKD General IO, 1 for Beckhoff IO Terminals
ulong outputAddress = output0.AddressGet(); //Alternatively set manually using: controller.NetworkOutputAddressGet(OUTPUT_INDEX);
bool enableOutput = true;
// [3] Configure what the output will be. (Call this method after UserLimitConfigSet if you want an output to be triggered) (The output will only be triggered if the input conditions are TRUE.)
controller.UserLimitOutputSet(userLimit, // (User Limit Index) - Specify which user limit to use.
andMask, // (Logic AND Mask) - Specify the value that the digital output will be AND-ed with.
orMask, // (Logic OR Mask) - Specify the value that the digital output will be OR-ed with.
outputAddress, // (Output Address) - Specify the digital output address.
enableOutput); // (Enable Output Set) - If TRUE, the output AND-ing and OR-ing will be executed when the User Limit triggers.
Console.WriteLine("Waiting for axis to reach specified position\n");
axis.UserUnitsSet(USER_UNITS); // Specify the counts per Unit.
axis.ErrorLimitTriggerValueSet(1); // Specify the position error limit trigger. (Learn more about this on our support page)
axis.PositionSet(0); // Make sure motor starts at position 0 everytime.
axis.Abort(); // If there is any motion happening, abort it.
axis.ClearFaults(); // Clear faults.
axis.AmpEnableSet(true); // Enable the motor.
axis.MoveTrapezoidal(POSITION, VELOCITY, ACCELERATION, DECELERATION); // Command simple trapezoidal motion.
// Wait for user limit to trigger.
while (controller.InterruptWait((int)RSIWait.RSIWaitFOREVER) != RSIEventType.RSIEventTypeUSER_LIMIT)
Console.WriteLine("User Limit {0} triggered!", controller.InterruptSourceNumberGet()); // Get the index of the user limit that triggered.
axis.AmpEnableSet(false); // Disable the motor.
controller.UserLimitDisable(userLimit); // Disable User Limit.
Console.WriteLine("\nPress Any Key To Continue"); // Allow time to read Console.
output0.Set(false); // Set output low so program can run again
catch (Exception e)
Console.WriteLine("\nPress Any Key To Exit"); // Allow time to read Console.