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◆ RecorderConfigureToTriggerOnMotion() [1/4]

void RecorderConfigureToTriggerOnMotion ( Axis axis,
bool  triggerOnMotion 
pure virtual

Setup the recorder to trigger on motion.

RecorderConfigureToTriggerOnMotion sets the recorder to trigger on motion. The recording will will start when the motion starts, and the recording will automatically stop when the Motion Done condition is true.
(axisor multiAxis) Axis or MultiAxis object to be affected.
triggerOnMotionA boolean value to set trigger state. TRUE = trigger on Motion.
Sample Code:
// -- C++ -- //
controller->RecorderConfigureToTriggerOnMotion(axisX, true);
// -- C# -- //
controller.RecorderConfigureToTriggerOnMotion(axisX, true);
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