The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ PostFilterLeadLagSet()

void PostFilterLeadLagSet ( int32_t  sectionNumber,
double  lowGain,
double  highGain,
double  centerFreq 
PostFilterLeadLagSet configures a Lead Lag filter.
sectionNumberThe Post Filter Number to be used.
lowGainLow Frequency Gain in dB.
highGainHigh Frequency Gain in dB.
centerFreqCenter Frequency in Hz.
This function is also available in RapidSequencer.
Sample Code:
// configure and use a Lead Lag filter as filter 0, A1 = 10, B0 = 20, and B1 = 30.
axis->PostFilterLeadLagSet(0, 10, 20, 30);