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RapidSequencer is an API that gives developers the ability to start, compile, and run sequencer scripts. Where "sequencer scripts" (.sq files) are scripts programmed with our RapidScript (Jave-Styled) programming language. RapidScript is the RapidCode for RapidSequencer. Learn more about RapidSequencer.

This API is offered as a .NET library (C#, etc.) and also gRPC for clients. The RapidSequencer runs inside of a RapidServer.

To get started writing a RapidSequencer program using our RapidScript language we recommend to use our RapidSetup Tool. The tool contains an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) so you can write, debug, and run code. Once you have finished your RapidScript and have a RapidServer running, you can use these APIs to build and run them.

RapidSequencer IDE

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Check out our Product Page to get a quick overview about RapidSequencer.

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Explore our Docs to learn how to use our RapidScript language.

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