The RMP Motion Controller APIs
RSI::RapidSequencer Namespace Reference




struct  EngineStatus
 Structure for describing the status of the RapidSequencer proccess. Describes whether the process is running, what platform the sequencer is running on, and the number of tasks it has. More...
class  RapidSequencer
 An object for interacting with a RapidSequencer process. More...
class  RapidSequencerFactory
 The RapidSequencerFactory provides static methods for creating RapidSequencer processes or discovering existing processes. . More...
struct  SequencerGlobal
 Structure for describing a global tag. Contains information about the type, name, and value of the tag. Also describes if the tag is instantiated, it's memory address, and its size. More...
struct  TaskStatus
 Structure for describing the status of a task. Describes what state the task is in, the currently executing line number, and the internal counter of the task. More...