The RMP Motion Controller APIs

◆ CreateWindows()

static RapidSequencer CreateWindows ( string  sequencerNodeName,
string  rmpNodeName,
string  executablePath,
int  grpcPort = DEFAULT_GRPC_PORT,
string  friendlyName = "RapidServer",
ulong  timeoutMs = DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MS,
int  discoveryPort = DEFAULT_DISCOVER_PORT 
sequencerNodeNameThe INtime node the sequencer will run on.
rmpNodeNameThe INtime node the RMP is running on.
executablePathThe path to the RapidSequencer executable.
grpcPortThe port the RapidSequencer process will listen on.
timeoutMsThe timeout in milliseconds.
friendlyNameThe human-readable name of the created process.
mcastGroupThe multicast group.
mcastPortThe multicast port.
The resulting RapidSequencer object.

Definition at line 688 of file RapidSequencer.cs.