The RapidCode base class. All non-error objects are derived from this class. More...


virtual char * VersionGet ()=0
 Get the RSI RapidCode version. More...
virtual int32_t MpiVersionMajor ()=0
 Get the major MPI version.
virtual int32_t MpiVersionMinor ()=0
 Get the minor MPI version.
virtual int32_t MpiVersionRelease ()=0
 Get the release MPI version.
virtual int32_t RSIVersionMajor ()=0
 Get the major RSI version.
virtual int32_t RSIVersionMinor ()=0
 Get the minor RSI version.
virtual int32_t RSIVersionMicro ()=0
 Get the micro RSI version.
virtual int32_t RSIVersionPatch ()=0
 Get the patch RSI version.
virtual int32_t NumberGet ()=0
 Get the zero-based index of this object. More...
virtual int32_t ErrorLogCountGet ()=0
 Get the number of software errors in the error log. More...
virtual RsiErrorErrorLogGet ()=0
 Get the next RsiError in the log. More...
virtual void ErrorLogClear ()=0
 Clear the error log. More...
virtual void ThrowExceptions (bool state)=0
 Configure a class to throw exceptions. More...
virtual void CacheEnableSet (RSICacheObject cache, bool enable, uint32_t expirationMilliseconds)=0
 Configure a class to cache data for specified time. More...
virtual char * RsiErrorMessageGet (RSIErrorMessage msg)=0
 Get the RSI-specific error message text for a specific RSIErrorMessage.
virtual char * ErrorMessageGet (RSIErrorMessage msg)=0
 Get the detailed text message for an RSIErrorMessage.
virtual bool WarningMsgCheck (RSIErrorMessage msg)=0
 Check to see if an RSIErrorMessage is a warning (true) or not (false).
virtual void Trace (bool state)=0
 Enables/Disables trace output. More...
virtual void TraceMaskOnSet (RSITrace maskOn)=0
 Turn on a particular trace output mask. More...
virtual bool TraceMaskOnGet (RSITrace maskOn)=0
 Check to see if a particular trace output mask is turned on. More...
virtual void TraceMaskOffSet (RSITrace maskOff)=0
 Turn off a particular trace output mask. More...
virtual void TraceMaskClear ()=0
 Clear the trace output mask. More...
virtual void TraceFileSet (const char *fileName)=0
 Channels Tracing messages to specified file. More...
virtual void TraceFileClose ()=0
 Stops Logging to the file. More...
virtual void TraceInjectMessage (RSITrace traceLevel, const char *message)=0
 Add a message to the Trace Log. More...


The RapidCode base class. All non-error objects are derived from this class.

The RapidCodeObject class contains the Error Log and access functions. Storing up to 100 RsiError items, RapidCodeObject makes them available to you with the ErrorLogGet function. ErrorLogCountGet returns the number of unread errors and should be greater than 0 when using ErrorLogGet. Each ErrorLogGet call returns a single unread RsiError per call. RapidCodeObject also provides the RSI and SynqNet Version information.

HelperFunctions.h, StreamingMotionBufferManagement.cpp, SyncOutputWithMotion.cpp, and UpdateBufferPoints.cpp.