The RMP Motion Controller APIs

The IO object provides an interface to the inputs and outputs of a network node. More...


 Gets the parent NetworkNode object.
 Gets the parent MotionController object.


bool IOExists ()
 IOExists validates your IO object is an IO Node. More...
int32_t NumberGet ()
 Get the zero-based IO number. More...
bool DigitalInGet (int32_t digitalInNumber)
 Get the state of a digital input bit. More...
bool DigitalOutGet (int32_t digitalOutNumber)
 Get the state of a Digital Output bit. More...
void DigitalOutSet (int32_t digitalOutNumber, bool outValue)
 Set the state of a digital output bit. More...
int32_t AnalogInGet (int32_t analogChannel)
 Get the value of an analog input. More...
int32_t AnalogOutGet (int32_t analogChannel)
 Get the value of an analog output. More...
void AnalogOutSet (int32_t analogChannel, int32_t analogValue)
 Set the value of an analog output. More...
const char *const VersionGet ()
 Get the RSI RapidCode version. More...
int32_t MpiVersionMajor ()
 Get the major MPI version.
int32_t MpiVersionMinor ()
 Get the minor MPI version.
int32_t MpiVersionRelease ()
 Get the release MPI version.
int32_t RSIVersionMajor ()
 Get the major RSI version.
int32_t RSIVersionMinor ()
 Get the minor RSI version.
int32_t RSIVersionMicro ()
 Get the micro RSI version.
int32_t RSIVersionPatch ()
 Get the patch RSI version.
int32_t ErrorLogCountGet ()
 Get the number of software errors in the error log. More...
const RsiError *const ErrorLogGet ()
 Get the next RsiError in the log. More...
void ErrorLogClear ()
 Clear the error log. More...
void ThrowExceptions (bool state)
 Configure a class to throw exceptions. More...
const char *const RsiErrorMessageGet (RSIErrorMessage msg)
 Get the RSI-specific error message text for a specific RSIErrorMessage.
const char *const ErrorMessageGet (RSIErrorMessage msg)
 Get the detailed text message for an RSIErrorMessage.
bool WarningMsgCheck (RSIErrorMessage msg)
 Check to see if an RSIErrorMessage is a warning (true) or not (false).
void Trace (bool state)
 Enables/Disables trace output. More...
void TraceMaskOnSet (RSITrace maskOn)
 Turn on a particular trace output mask. More...
bool TraceMaskOnGet (RSITrace maskOn)
 Check to see if a particular trace output mask is turned on. More...
void TraceMaskOffSet (RSITrace maskOff)
 Turn off a particular trace output mask. More...
void TraceMaskClear ()
 Clear the trace output mask. More...
void TraceFileSet (const char *const fileName)
 Channels Tracing messages to specified file. More...
void TraceFileClose ()
 Stops Logging to the file. More...
void TraceInjectMessage (RSITrace traceLevel, const char *const message)
 Add a message to the Trace Log. More...


An IO node can have various combinations of digital or analog inputs and outputs. IO objects contain a RapidCodeNetworkNode.

Template.cpp, and UserLimitDigitalInputAction.cpp.

Definition at line 4199 of file rsi.h.